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Enter the Gate

by Narnia

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Dennis (El Rojo) Waite
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Dennis (El Rojo) Waite Great band. Metal masters. Love every album they have put out. Check them out. Favorite track: Into This Game.
Here I am in this world I'm a servant for your name Trying to make a better place I see fear, death, pain and anger People crying in despair The emptiness is growing strong today Into this game Running through fire and water In Christ I am strong My vision is clear You are the reason I live I'm into this game for your name I look around where is the light Shadows all around the world We're getting closer to the end Give me love for my enemies Give me hope for the broken ones Holy spirit, show the the way Time to move on Gotta be strong The road is long It's time to move
There is danger in the air Afraid to face reality Where can we run and where can we hide? listen to the master's voice inside We are protected in his name You can take our lives, but You can not take our faith We see the evil actions Death is in the air Give us the courage now To rise above it all We serve and pray Our time is here And we believe We're the people of the blood red cross Looking for a scapegoat everywhere "You are the sinner and I am the saint!" Who is the winner of this stupid game? Will we ever learn to see the truth And give our brothers a helping hand This is the cause we will be fighting for
I am waiting for it Longing for the moment When the world will see the truth Few can hear the voice Many hearts are frozen Only the father knows the hour I will be there Stay close to you You're in command I'll follow you until the end Just another day In another world Death will be no more We're united as one Every man will see it They will feel the power When the king is coming back Demons bow their heads Darkness flee away When they must face The creator of life Long live the king of our lives Into the night, into the fire Turn on the lights, demons will Bow their heads for the king Angels are singing Out of the night, out of the fire Enter the gate into the kingdom Leaving behind what's holding us down All of our fears, all of our hatred All of our wars, all of our sorrows Dry all your tears ? heaven is open Into the light, out of the night Dry all your tears, heaven is open Enter the gate, enter the gate!!!
Ice and snow along the way The world is cold, where is the spark that we Used to have inside? Join together, stand united The mighty one will lead us all the way This is not a fairy tale Not a silly game we play Turn around and see the difference Show all the world that freedom shall come And sins were forgiven for mankind Come closer to see the treasure now Together we'll rise, we will... Show all the world We will show all the world We are working for the master The nights are long and the sacrifices Are hard to face something Into the fire in pole position We're ready for the call, it is our mission
Getting closer to the end The final chapter has begun You can't run, you can't hide Face the truth, see the signs You are falling from the edge I saw the crisis in your eyes Working hard to survive One more day in fools paradise Enter the gate into the final mystery Forever my soul will rest in peace Leaving the shadows far behind I'm entering the gate of life Break the chains and see the light Yeah, I hope to see you there Don't you see I care for you All to win for you and me Eternal love and peace for free The eternity to win Jesus is the open gate Enter in and you will see The sins are gone, you will free
Take Me Home 06:57
Is there anybody there? Only echoes answer me Calling you, I need you here Tired of this human race Running for foolish pride All I want is to be free Love was meant to be forever Tell me why it is so hard to love today Love was meant to be the finest gift of all What went wrong? Oh lord, I need to understand Time comes, time goes Sails on where the water flows In the harbor of a distant shore Where I found peace in you, take me home Man is bleeding in the night Fighting to survive Will the mighty king return? Give me bread and give me wine My soul is starving for your love Fire's gone, I'm cold inside I leave the past behind You give me wings to fly The time has come for me to meet the mystery
I'm living my life One more day in this world My energy flows in my body and soul I see the snow on the roof The sun is shining so bright My focus is right and I'm ready to go your way I'm on my way No one can stop me now With guidance from above I'm on the right side Your will is my life This is my life in your holy masterplan You opened the door, you paid the price Since the day I was born You knew it all from the start Every second was planned for my life in this world
Midnight, lights are out The path is clear, no one in sight Dark deeds in the night Who can tell, who can blame me? Shadows cover me as I sneak into y our privacy Stealing, a way of life ? rejected by society In for the kill Crossing any line I will Aiming higher We've got to pull the brakes before the World's on fire God's creation's falling, falling One desire Rule the world, enslaving mankind One denial The final hour will come and we shall see His face Daylight, I'm on TV Rubbing faces in the dirt Just sit back and enjoy the show Where you're the star White men across the seas Selling iron, stealing gold I must do what it takes My name is Greed, I'm here to stay
He was a carpenter, a simple man Living a simple life in Nazareth, the story tells His mother always knew that He was meant To serve a special purpose here, the angel had said, the story tells He was carrying his gift inside His heart divine, his mind so bright With healing powers at his hand He was reaching out a helping hand To those in need, the blind to see Lazarus, arise Messiah, oh Messiah See the son of god among Saints and sinners, old and young Speaking words of wisdom Turn the other cheek, believe And the truth shall set you free Spoke the man from Nazareth Jesus, King of Kings And he was wandering across the land The winds began to change As prophets had said, the story tells All the priests said "he's no son of god" Accusing him of blasphemy Of challenging authority As his friend betrayed him with a kiss They tortured him for all to see A victim of atrocity And they nailed him to a cross The earth was shaking, curtains fell As he spoke his final words: "It is finished" In his temple we were stand Kings and nations turn to sand And his word shall echo True forgiveness for our sins Eternal life for you and me Spoke the man from Nazareth Jesus, King of Kings


released April 21, 2006

Christian Liljegren - Vocals, Additional backing vocals
CJ Grimmark - Guitars, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Andreas Passmark - Bass
Andreas Johansson - Drums, Triangle


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Narnia Sweden

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